Revision appliances and tools according to ČSN 33 1600 and ČSN 33 1610

Standard ČSN 33 1600

Power Tools are subjects to review and revise .The scope and terms are established by Standard

ČSN 33 1600.

Examples of electric tools:

  • electric drills, jigsaws and circular saws, electric planers and cutters
  • electric shears and balers, electric spray gun
  • electric drill and chisel hammer
  • electric vibrators for concrete placement
  • electric welding of metals, electric welding of plastics
  • electric chain saws, electric tappers
  • Electric lawn mowers

Standard ČSN 33 1610

Power tools and appliances , which are connected via mobile feed, and are intended to be held in hand, or which we touch while we use them, are subjects to review and revise accoarding to Standard  ČSN 33 1610. This group involves plenty of power tools and appliances. There are some examples:

  • computer, printer, fax machine, scanner, monitor, elektronic typewriter.
  • mohile phone charger, camera charger, notebook charger.
  • elektric heater, mobile air conditioning units, ventilator
  • coffemaker, kettle, mikrowave, washing mashine, dryer, dishwasher
  • vacuum cleaner, cleaning machine
  • lamp, radio, amplifier, television, banknotes detector
  • ATM, vending machines

We rocommend, not to underestimate the importance of  Standart ČSN 331610. Respecting this Standard and having regular controls on your power tools and appliances, you protect your health and also health and lives of your family and colleagues.

This Standart relates to revision necessary for power tools and appliances used in the work process, placed in public areas, or power tools and appliances after repair. This Standard does not relate to medical electrical equipment, equipment in underground mines and in areas with explosion hazard.

Price list for the revisions on electric tools and appliances according to

ČSN 33 1600 and ČSN 33 1610:

All revisions are performed by trained personnel of our company. We use calibrated device REVEX 2051 with built-ininterface RS-232 for cumunitation with PC.

Item on the price list

the number of revised appliances

1 - 10

11 - 50

51 - 9999




issuing the card of the appliance




Generating barcode appliance




Barcode printing on self-adhesive foil




Revision of power tools and appliances




Printed revisions for each appliance




The price list is without transfer fee and without tax.

Discount on contracts valid for two and more years.

5% for commercial organizations

10% for schools and non-profit organizations

After signing a contract, we automatically take care about the next term of revision.