Revision of the lightning conductors

Lightning conductor is a very important part of almost every object. It diverts lightning through the wires into the ground.

Lightning conductors are installed on these objects:

    • Buildings, where lightning can endanger people's lives, or can destroy assets.

    • High buildings and masts

    • High smokestacks and towers

    • Hall buildings (hospitals, schools and others )

    • Much more protection againts lightning is necessary on objects, where explosive or flamable material is stored. At these cases, special lightning conductors must be installated.

There are only a few exceptions, where lightning cunductos are not necessary.For example objects, wchich are located in the protection zone of other conductors.

Regulations for the installation of lightning conductors sets the Standard ČSN 34 1390. Every conductor must be installed according to the Standard ČSN 34 1390, and the initial revision must be performed immediately after the conductor is installed. Regular revisions must follow every five years. A special revision must be performed always after a lighting strike to the lighting conductor.


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